Saturday, April 23, 2005

~tHouSanDs oF aPolOgiSeS n tHanKs~

sigh..glad dat tis is resolved oso..betta 4 me now oso wad..aniwae..wan 2 sae sorri 2 a lot of ppl 4 dragginf dem down..firstly, i wish 2 apologise 2 kim, jacelyn, mindy n e councillors, n my whole 3/5 class, sorri dat i implicated u all in my incident n e vandalism thingy..veri veri srry, plz 4gif me, n i wud lyk 2 apologize 2 my teachers hu got dragged down too, n 4 all e innocent ppl...hahax..sounds lyk a prize presentation speech..not e end 4 e thanking part..haha..wish 2 thank e 1st few..dat r kim, jaceyln, mindy, evan n sarah n e ppl hu believe in me, thanks so much..i'm realli glad 4 ya support, thanks 4 e teachers hu helped me esp mr than..hahax..u all r such great help..thanks n sorri 4 all e trouble..thx..2 everyone..hahax..aniwae, i promise not 2 be so rash le lahx..wun fight lahx..hehe..big relief 4 my 'manager' huh?..thanks kim so so much..u realli hold me back alot..thx..dun get too touched horx..hahax..dun cry...hahax..thx ppl..srry 4 draggin u all down wid me..hehex..

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