Sunday, April 17, 2005


whoo...karimun rockx fun over dere..frm 3/5 dere were 24 ppl hu went dere..damn fun lorx..1st on e ferry saw so mani d.o.m...mi n kim keep luffing n doing voice recording n bgoh n e rest all shotuing in e background..lolx..hahax..all string at gals on e tv..eesh..gross sia..dan went to eat in e skl at smp 1..e food was can't eat it 4 sure..hahax..ate plain beehoon mianly..gaf all e keropoks 2 ms chan..her fav..hahax..dan so mani speeches in malay..dunno wad dey toking bout..hahax..dan went 2 teach e students experiments dere..hahax..dey veri cute n funi lorx..all 13+ one cheeky boy..hahax..he claims he 4 yr old onli..lolx..but e pupils dere damn rich lorx..old got hp wid cameras de..dan keep tking photos of all of us..esp anand n bgoh..hahax..anand all e gals keep asking 2 tk pic wid him..he too famous le lorx..hahax..n bgoh saes dat a guy told him he was cute n touch his butt..lolx..n call him zai zai..eesh..dey all crazy over dere..dan e concert until veri late n haf 2 sneak out 2 by 2..1st time escape a concert lyk dat..hahax..dan went 2 party in mr hock rm until 3+ in e morning..hahax..all of us siao till siao lorx..e food at e hotel quite ok lahx..dan got one instructor keep kana bullied by all of us..hahax..e climb up 2 mt jantan damn shiok sia..reach e summit damn dun lorx..keep eating lots of stuff thing nv rain if not die liaox..dan climb down 2 e waterfalls..damn nice, kim, bgoh, anand, hongyi, chao yi, peibao, gabriel 1st grp 2 reach 1st e guys wanted 2 jump into e waterfall n swim dan nv..dan went 2 a hut 2 drink coconut..alot of fun dere..hahax..played wid e coconuts n keep splashing e juice..hahax..dan mixed up one coconut..hehex..n e person hu drank it..sueyz sia..dan went back in e wooden bus..learned how 2 squeeze 24 student in a small bus le..+ e teachers too..hahax..went back 2 hotel 2 change everything..hotel ok lorx..dan went 2 makan..ok lahx e food..quite crap all of us on e bus n mr ang brough back a tongkat ali n chai yan had e honour of carrying it..he loves it sia..keep hugging it all e way..back at singapore customs all e officers staring at it..hahax..on e ferry all of us watch wad a girl wants..damn funi n all of us luffing over dere..went back 2 skl so shiok le..dan 12 of us went to makan at cwp..dan at long last ate my CHICKEN RICE!!!hahax..dey all sae i crazy bout it..dan told e story of e coconut..n went damn tired le lorx..hahax..but veri sad 4 all hu did not go..we were all dancing n enjoying outselves iin e hotel..sarah dancnh n 'head-banging' for all of us 2 see..lolx..damn fun lorx..aniwae so sad back 2 skl..haf lessons's normal again..karimun rocks!!!

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