Friday, October 21, 2005

hey ppl..srry 4 not posting 4 such a long as results were quite disappointing..i'm so depressed by my science results..sigh..cannot slack animore..mus do betta next yr..lolx..aniwae..let's relax while we still can..can't wait 4 e hols 2 2 ipoh wid e councillors 4 caving, white water rafting, rest n relax, n time square indoor theme park..shiok sia..dan got our class church oso..outing n CS 2 penang..hope kim can come..lolx..dan countdown e daes of e release of harry potter 4, skyhigh, e lion e witch n e wardrobe..n maybe chicken little..lolx..e hols r gonna be bz..YEA!!!!!ok..kinda crazy le..can't wait 4 naruto vol 10 2 come out..lolx..well..hope everyone has a fun time during e hols..guess we all betta work harder next yr..2 get into skl we wan..aniwae..cya...oh ya..i'm gonna chamge my blog skin into something anime..most probably naruto or shaman king..lolx..the shows rock sia..ok..cya soon on mondae..oh yar..oso haf 2 get back at that T2 he kuku macnugget..ask me 2 n apologise 2 dat woman..i was gg 2 puke all over her..but nvm..T2 owes me one..lolx..tata 4 now..

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