Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm blessed. Are you?

I feel so blessed as I'm typing this post.


Isn't that simple. Count all the blessings that you have received in your life. And I mean ALL.

We've always been taking things for granted and they are the most important things in life.

Reason why I'm talking about this is 'cos I've recently joined a volunteer program to help kids in Vietnam.

It's an OSCP from SMU and I'll be going to Vietnam this December for 19 days!

I'm really excited and am looking forward to see the kids & teenagers there. We'll be teaching them the English language and when I heard that the Kindergarten students had zilch knowledge of English, I suddenly felt so so so dmn blessed! It's not that I'm laughing at them but just think about it. When we were in Kindergarten or even before we went in, we could speak not 1 but 2 languages already! And how did we pick them up? Through our family, friends & of course television.
TV is like such a norm to us now but to them, it's a luxury.
(P.S. I'm referring to the place that we are going, not the whole of Vietnam lah!)

Projectors in our classrooms. We're so used to it but they don't even have it.

That's why I said I feel so blessed as I type this post out 'cos it proves I can read and type. And you reading this post means that you have a grasp of the English language.

Don't you feel blessed already!?

But oh wells, if you still don't feel anything then I can't do anything.

Besides teaching them, we'll be building a kitchen for them too! Thank goodness we're building it and not cooking for them or goodness knows what will happen when they eat my cooking.
The only food I can cook well on a stove is instant noodles? And I cook it really well okay!

Hahaha! Anyway, really looking forward to my trip there as not only will it be a visit to a new country but I so love the people who are going together! My OCSP team is like an awesome bunch of people! Loads of fun with them. Return date was on the 20th Dec but decided to extend it to 23 Dec to do more sightseeing! Saw some touristy photos of Vietnam and the views are WOW!

Can't wait to see them!

I'm getting so hyped up about my trip till I've lost track of my main topic of this post!

Anyway, if you would like to help these kids out, here's a chance for you to do so!

We're looking for in-kind donations to bring over to them. Mainly books, so if you have any good education books which you think will be useful for them or knows any place willing to donate, please email me.

Or there is another method that you can help too!

We're having a booth at SMU for this week and we're selling imported handmade slippers for Vietnam. Really pretty & unique designs! Am so tempted to buy them for my own!

It's only $10 per pair!

There's male designs too so if you're interested in any, do drop me an email or come down to our booth which is opposite Studio Wu.

Ice-creams are yummilicious too! Think I'm gonna get fat from selling them as I eat as I sell! Hahahaha! And there's more! Yami yoghurt & Eskimo bubble tea are coming your way too!!! I think I'll need more exercise this week! Lol!

By the way, my email is

Okie! So now that you know how to help out, start doing & get good karma at the same time too! Heehee!

P.S. Loving my new hair colour, new contact lenses & new shirt in the above pic! Will post more about it next time!

TTFN peeps!

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