Wednesday, October 13, 2010

People of Crazyland: Journey to World's End!

Another delayed post as I only have part of the photographs that I took from my phone & I was lazy to right-click & save from FaceBook.

There are just too many photos for me to do that!

And in case you're wondering, yes, my title is an imitation of Pirates of Carribean. XDD

So, back to the photos, I have yet to steal those photos from Kimmy & I shall do it as soon as our schools stop squashing us with the ginormous workload.

So, as of now, I shall post up some of my favourites for that day~

But before posting, let me tell you how the POC met on that fateful day.

After a series of discussion, we decided to invade the Island of Meatballs next~

Thus we went, we saw & we conquered!

It was a gory sight so for the sake of minors, no photos shall be posted except for this. >D

So, we decided to travel all the way to World's End to stone the time away~

Prank calling while traveling is fun!

And due to the rocky route, I changed out of my wedges & am wearing Kim's slippers~



"We're not lost. We're just reconfirming our location."

A giant leaf! You can see how exhilarated I am to see it~

And after 12187491280912 days, we finally reached our destination!

The view there is simply awesome! Here's one of my favourite scenary shots of the day!

And of course, what do you get when you put people of crazyland together?
We get crazy!!

Still Crazy!

Ok, we're sane now..

But not for long~

"Enough nonsense"
*Squashes Jo*

And due to the atmosphere there, some romancing took place too. =P

And while the boys were frolicking among the bushes, we continued some crazy acts.

Note: Please do not attempt to imitate these poses unless you're a highly trained monkey who lives in Bukit Timah person.

And let me present to you now: The Karate Kim!

This is just one of the many poses that Kim did that day~
But if you're unable to do something like that, you can just do this!


Okie~ That's all that I have for this post now. Shall update again with more photos once Kim passes them to me!

Had a really great time with them & totally can't wait for our next invasion trip next time! Heehee!

Oh! Before I sign off this post, let me present to you the POC:

From left to right~
Will Turnyourhead, Hector Bossmearound, Jack Spearyoutodeath & Elizabeth Swanprincess~

(I seriously think I'm gonna get killed after I post this up. =P)

Okie! See you soon & keep watching this space for the sequel of POC!

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