Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The ten-ten-ten day!

I guess it was a super auspicious day due to the numerous weddings that were going on that day itself!

For me, it was a really special day.

Nah, not my wedding day but it was Leen's 21st Birthday Celebration!!

Rushing down to meet her while camwhoring. =P

It was also the day where I gave her the birthday present from XM & moi!


This is it!

A ride on Xtreme Swing!
(Not the whole Xtreme Swing itself la!)

After much debate, we decided to take the Xtreme Swing and not the reverse Bungee as it seems not as scary as the latter.

However, after seeing the Xtreme Swing in action, we were SOOOO wrong!
Check it out for yourself!

Going higher~

And higher!

Our tix!

The ride was simply awesome!! Imagine that you're sitting on the viking ship just that its much bigger and crazier! Can't wait to go on it again! XDD

Went to the Central to take a walk around before heading down to Kovan for her party.

Met her cousins there again and they were having fun bullying me.
With Qiqi~

Kuromi came down later with her va-va-voom extensions!

Long hair definitely suits her more!

Had a pretty good time there celebrating her birthday and it was good catching up with people. That day was certainly happening. How often do you see a proposal happening concurrently with a 21st birthday party!

Yeaps, we witnessed a proposal there between 2 members of the live band that were playing that night.

See! 10.10.10 is an auspicious day! LOL!

Besides that day, Stellar, Kuromi & I went out with Leen to celebrate her birthday on the actual day by singing K.Had a delirious time singing and shouting and fangirling then!

Also kira-fied some birthday themes on her photos!
My handiwork~

Am really glad I was able to celebrate her birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday you old girl!

Love you loads!

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