Thursday, March 30, 2006


Sports days today..damn fun!!!! lols..especially the inter-cca for the girls..everyone did not expect the council to be 2nd..& we managed to beat the netball girls and badmintan..YEA!!!!lols..underdogs..that is what we are.Well after feeling high at the stadium, kim and i went to meet peibao & siewming as we wanted to go makan together with the guys, however we only found chai yan there..lols..all the guys 'pang seh' him and so he was stuck with us..the few of us walked to causeway and on the way there, we met 2 other people who wanted to join us..bLow and sebas. Therefore the 7 of us walked together with peibai and siew ming fren who later on 'pang seh' us when she met her own frens..lols. We went to makan pizza hut..again..(3rd time in 3 weeks..) We all joked around & was eating happily until a group of teachers came in of them was the dream girl of the guys in our class..chai yan had a heart attack immediately after seeing her walk in. A lot of chr pupils were in pizza hut too. So we paid and siewming, peibao, kim and I went jalan jalan and we went to buy a supposedly formal skirt for a wedding that I'm supposed to attend. and all of them were forcing weird skirts and shirts onto me. And when i refused most of them, Kim gave up trying to change my way of dressing. LOL..I'm a stubborn person. Hehex..Nothing much except that I'm very happy about the council winning 2nd place in inter-cca race..yep..yep..yep..HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. i bought a mini-dinosaur that is the excat same model as the huge dinosaur from the carnival redemption counter...lols..

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