Monday, April 10, 2006


guess I'm getting too paranoid these few days..after friday incident where i felt like i was being stalked by someone..Oh nevermind..its all over. Anyway, now Kim is a part-time pyschologist and I'm a counsellor, the type who counsels people and charge big money for it. For Kim 'pyschoing' the rate is $50 per 5 min, for mine, its slighty more expensive so its $100 per min..Hehex..but guranteed you will be well in no time. Today in school, I suddenly became quite high..lols..started asking people do they prefer nigger, eurasian or chink. Its actually sweet flavours but i told some of them that its actually their future partners and most of them chose eurasians or niggers..Very few chose chink. elder brother is treating me so nice these few days..getting creepy..and my dad keeps breathing down my neck about my chinese..sigh..the council meeting was not very good, got scolded by a teacher for something not our fault and keeping my fingers crossed that the invetiture will turn out well. Gotta go write my speech now..sigh..i hate it. Going quite high nowadays..even my church people are starting to complain that i have a loose screw, its just that they don't realise that 90% of my screw are loose already..hahax..ok..tata..


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