Friday, April 21, 2006

pissed off but still laughing..

Today test was quite surprising, especially the sit and reach station. I actually improved by 10cm and more! Woohoo..lols..anyway, after the teset, we had add maths and e maths lesson. Mr R. was pretty nice to us todday. Holiday mood? Kim and I went to causeway point around 12pm and kalan jalan and ate cheese fries. It was great. We met up with the rest of the councillors to makan at Seoul garden at 1.15pm. And here comes the story...

We went into SG before the teachers as it was going to be a full house soon, so each of us had to pay for our meals first. We went around collecting the money and the lady was very nice to allow us to sit down and slowly count our money. I sat down with Kim and began counting a thick wad of notes. I felt so rich. Lols..and I noticed this guy sitting opposite me with one of the councillor and i concluded that he was the father. He was quite upset that his child had to pay for his/her meal and keeps scolding the teachers who had done nothing wrong. I was quite pissed off as I was busy counting the money and I just gave the councillor back his/her money. However, that guy keep complaining and grumbling until most of us were pretty frustrated with him. Hello? We didn't invite you..thats what we wanted to say to him. But he is still a parent. He later on ask for the teacher's number but I refused to give. I said " I'm sorry I can't give the teacher's number." and he replied " You'll be sorry if you don't give me."..Is that considered threatening? Anyway, one of my councillors wanted to say something and he just shoot back at her saying "I'm not speaking with you.." Who does he think he is. Insulting the council, the teachers, and I. We are so busy and he had to add on more trouble. Sigh. Later on, he kept saying that we are wasting their time but his child has already started to eat... SO WHAT'S THE PROBLEM WITH THAT???? HE/SHE IS ALREADY EATING!!HOW AM I WASTING YOUR TIME?? in the end, we were all very happy when he left. Actually, I kinda of pity his children and him. I don't think he can live a happy life without suspecting and controlling people. Well, no use wasting breath on this time of people. The world os full of different people. Lols..Later on, the councillors told me that I was too nice to him, but no matter what, he is still a parent. Sigh..We have to accomodate with all kinds of people, crude, weird... Lols..but when I think of how he act, he seems quite comical..lols..

P.S. I did not name kindly don't mention anything about their names..arigato..And I don't have anything against anyone, I'm just blogging what I please don;t take any offense..

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