Sunday, July 22, 2007

Deathly Hallows


Okay, no spoilers for Harry Potter 7 here, I promise. But, I just have to say this thing. SEVERUS SNAPE TOTALLY RULES, ROCKS. HE'S AWESOME!!!! And its dmn sad he ended up like that. So, I think this book is quite awesome as it finally explains all the questions. Some were quite straightforward but J.K still had her twists here and there. The only part I didn't like was the part about Albus Dumbledore. Sigh. Though I still can't find the person who managed to do magic quite late in life. Anyone has any idea who it is? JK said there was one person, but I don't recall. Hahas. But, Severus, he's on 2nd on my list of favourite characters in Harry Potter now. The 1st, hehex, everyone should know who he is. LOL. Somehow, they are all from Slytherin. Hohoho. Oh yea, I just started watching Bleach. Not bad so far. Quite funny, some parts were sad. Quite a nice anime, the fighting part is cool, but I still prefer Naruto, no offense to anyone.

Okie, time for more upload of pictures. This time, I'll show my club people, not so much of cosplayers. If anyone wants to take a look at the rest of the cosplayers, either find me or the rest of my club members, Kim has them too, but if you pester her too much, she might just whack you. Lots of projects' deadlines and stuff. I can't wait for this tuesday to be over. Then my projects will mostly be done. YAY! I was quite happy last week too. Got a great score for my POM test. YAY! Hahas. Okay, pictures time.

This is my club. Most of the AAA people are here. 2nd day of Cosfest.

This is some of the AAA people. We usually hang out more together. All of us are cosplaying at the End Of Year Cosplay event. The anime we're cosplaying is Gakuen Alice.

Just an introduction. From left to right: Dizzy, Chen Feng(Ruka), Tenma the Kisame cosplayer, Eileen(Misaki), Melvin(Narumi), Jo(Nonoko) & Ben(Reo).

Melvin, Me & Eileen.

Eileen & Me with our Kyouya plushies~

Eileen & Me

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