Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Rushing Rules

I only had 1 hour of lesson today, so after my lesson ended, I hung around for a while before going to have lunch with Ben. Not Benjamin Low, Ben frm my cca. hahas. We just bought our lunch at around 12.05pm before Rousong and Joshua came to join us. FYI: Rousong is the president of my cca, though I didn't recognise him..heex. So they invited us to watch the movie 'The girl who leapt through time' and though I had the movie in my laptop already, I went to watch with them. Different atmosphere. Hahas. Then they told us the last showing for the movie is at Cineleisure at 12.45pm. Yep. 40 min to eat finish our food and travel to Cine from NYP. So Ben and I quickly gobbled down our food and the four of us quicky flag down a cab to go to Cine. When we reached there at last(with lots of squashing from Ben), we found out that the movie was starting at 1pm and so we were about to kill Josh. Hahas. We hung around before getting into the cinema and Rousong can really eat. Lols. As Ben & I had eaten, we couldn't finish our popcorn and left like half a bag left, Rousong ate his popcorn and still managed to finish up ours too. Hahas. The movie was quite good but the ending is not what I had expected. After the movie, we hung around at Cine & I was telling them the story of Harry Potter and stuff before heading to Wisma.

On the way there, though it was my 1st time meeting Rousong, I found out that....HE LOVES TO LOOK AT MIRRORS!!! hahas. Without fail, once he spotted a mirror, he will definetly look into it..bwahahaha. Its quite funny. We hung around at Kino looking at manga and stuff before heading to Body shop as Rousong needed to buy something for his friend. On the way, we stopped by Mos as Rousong was hungry again, he's the pro. hahas. At the body shop, the sales assistant were probably wondering why are we in the shop as I didn't looked interested in anything. Ben & I entertained ourselves with a foot file which looks very painful and we deduced that if you keep filing your foot with it, you will probably get shorter. HOHOHO. We experimented with some perfumes here and there too. We kept crapping in public like saying out weird pairings from Harry Potter and started doing some weird things and people might be thinking that we are some weirdos. Bwahahahaha!~ but it was great, hanging around with them. Lols. Pretty tired now, once I got home. Sigh. Gotta go sleep too. Big day tmr. heex. See ya!~ Mata ne~

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