Thursday, July 5, 2007



This has been quite a freaky & bad week. Bad because...(refer to previous post, PlzKThx) Freaky because, lots of people who I think I know but I forgot are talking and saying Hi to me. 1st, I was walking home happily one day when suddenly a guy stopped and waved to me. It took me quite a while before realising he was waving to me. I waved back but I was still processing who that was. In the end, I guessed that it was one of my OBS group mates. After walking off, I met quite a few friends from CHR which was quite surprising. The next day, I was walking to school and I just looked at the opposite escalator and saw this guy, dressed in formal clothes, sunglasses and stuff, he looked at me and started to smile at me and sort of wave 'hi'. I looked around and I realised, he was waving to me again. And up to now, I still don't know who he is. And just this morning. I was sitting outside the mrt station enjoying my delicious waffle when an old lady walked by and started talking to me about the different types of waffles. And our conversation gones like that:

Jo: *happily eating her waffle*

Old Lady(OL): Wah..eating waffle ah? you buy from there one is it?*points to the shop*

Jo: *nods head and gives a demure smile*

OL: actually the waffle here not so nice one, go other shop, here expensive and not nice to eat.

Jo: hahas...I see. *relieved that the old lady had finally given up on staring at her eat her waffle*

OL: *sat beside Jo afte taking a newspaper and began to make some chit-chat*

Jo: *uncomfortable*

And so, we stayed like that until her equally ancient friend came and went to take lots of Today papers and left. I then realised that lots, and I really mean a lot, of aunties will come specially early in the morning to take lots of newspaper and go home. Weird.

Well, gonna bring my 'hubby' to the hospital probably later and after I get him back, its my turn to crash NP!!!!! whee~ I haven't take all the movies I want from Kim, hohoho. Oh, and on another side note, HPPOA in 15 min and HPGOF in 15 min is real good. Hahas, more about it in Kim's blog. K, gotta listen to the teacher now. Cya!~

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