Monday, July 16, 2007


COFEST 2007 ROCKS!!!!!

Call me an otaku or anything. I'm so addicted to animes, anime guys, anime-guys-turn-real-life, japanese stuff and etc. All this happened because of cosfest!!! It was my 1st cosplay event and I'm totally looking forward to the next cosplay event, End Of Year at end of the year. hahas..It was super cool!! FYI: Cosfest just ended yesterday at downtown east and I went for all three days!!!! There were so many things to see, just yesterday, I took 200+ pictures and for all three days that I went, I took a total of 400+ pictures. Hahas, now I'm more interested in a few animes. I feel that yesterday was the best out of all, the 2nd day was good too. I saw Tamaki from Ouran yesterday!! Kyaa~ A girl was cosplaying her but still dmn good. She even acts like him, I took a picture with her too. The Mori-sempai that came on saturday was brillant too though I regret not taking a picture with him, oh well, there is always another time....I hope.

I went downtown east with Eileen and my cca, SJCC(sakuran japanese cultural club) but most of us were in the AAA(animes anonymous addicts). We went and took lots of pictures. My sempai and her friends dressed up as Code gearss characters and it was fun too. My other friends cosplayed as Kisame and Haku from Naruto. We made them pose for us, thus causing more photographers to crowd and they had to stand there in the hot sun for quite a long time. Heex. I met up with Kim and Chiang and brought them around. It was so so cool and fun. On our way back, we did some quizzes and crap around, the journey seemed so short. hahas, on a side note: I CAN'T WAIT FOR WEDNESDAY!!!! HARRY POTTER DRACO MALFOY!!!! I'M COMING!!!!!!!!!! hahas..though lots of people said it is not that nice, I don't think so, I think it will be one of the nicest, seeing as how they manage to find someone good to play umbridge. hahas. So, no spoilers please, or I will personally use masking tape to tape your mouth up. And believe me, I will do it. HOHOHO. So, back to Cosfest. IT WAS REALLY REALLY GREAT!!!!


I rush down to downtown east straight after church. I managed to arrive there in good timing seeing as I was taking a cab down. And there were soooooo many cosplayers but they were all crowded in the tent where the lighting wasn't that good. But that didn't stop me from taking their photos. I saw some cosplayers cosplaying the animes that I know and I went to stalk take their photos. Sigh, it was a fruitful day for me. Some of the good cosplayers were TAMAKI, jesuke(her real name), the mori-sempai guy, yuna cosplayer and many more. My friend cosplayed as Kisame again and the rest of them cosplayed bleach characters. After the results of the cosfest were announced(Sakura Taisen won..quite shocking), we emo and stone around for a while. I've made quite a lot of new friends in this whole cosfest. So Eileen, Melvin, Ben, Dizzy, Tenma, Chen Feng, Ben's sis, me and some of our friends emo around, sitting on the floor refusing to go back to reality.Hahas. It was really great. I'm gonna compile all the pictures that we took into a cd and pass it around. LOL. Okie, enough talking, shall go watch some of my animes. Hahas. TATA!~

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