Sunday, July 8, 2007

Cosfest 2007

Cosfest 2007 1st day

WOAH!!!!! I attended the 1st day of Cosfest 2007 yesterday, how to explain it..? Hmmm..IT WAS SUPER COOL GREAT!!!! hahas..It was really cool though I kinda pity the people cosplaying Kingdom Hearts(wearing leather trenchcoats under the hot sun)..hahas. I crapped more with Eileen and found out we are both Ouran fans, HP fans and DRACO MALFOY fans!!!! Whee!!! at last I found a draco fan too. hahas, we crapped a lot and I'm thinking of dressing up a little bit for the 2nd day of Cosfest which is next saturday. Hopefully there will be more cosplay teams. I found some really cool and good cosplayers. Took lots of pictures here and there. I took one picture with Sasuke. She really look like Sasuke. Yep, a girl cosplayed Sasuke, but its really alike. Most of the handsome anime guys are all cosplayed by girls. I wonder why. Hahas, saw another good cosplayer cosplaying Elizabeth from Fate/Stay Night. Really look like her. I'm so excited about it, can't wait for the End Of Year Cosplay event too. Hahas..whee whee!!! Okie, getting a bit tired now, hahas, cya all soon..byebye!

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