Wednesday, July 4, 2007

100th Post

100th Post

Whee!~ I've reached the 100 mark at last, though the journey was tough but I persevered to the end and reached the summit at last...Just a little info..hahas

Okay, things are going quite badly nowadays. 1st, my laptop got infected with trojan horse but it has recovered(thanks to Kim, Kim's sis Millicent and Millicent's bf) Thank You so so much. 2nd, I can't install my microsoft office back as my laptop can't detect my cd drive at all. Sigh, so I can't play any cd. If only I didn't get the virus.

And the 3rd bad thing happened today. I met with Kim and later on her god-bro, Jan, came along. And thanks for much to Kim and Chiang for the uber cool wallet and shirt. Hahas, tyty!~ We sat at my school's foodcourt till it close as we were transferring videos. When I came home, I found out that my 3rd grand-uncle had just passed away. Well, I don't really know him well since I only see him once a year during CNY. Well, its a relief for him and his family I guess to relieve him of his suffering but he and his family are non-christians, so...sigh~

Ok, on a happier note, I got loads and loads of new movies. Whee! The spreading of Animeism in my class is going on very very well. hahas. Lots of new animes now. The latest anime I'm watching which in my opinion is one of the best is Kare Kano. Its super good. Though the anime is quite old(1998) but the animation is quite good too. Its a very good love comedy anime. Its about 2 model students in the same class but they are not as 'model' and 'perfect' as they look like. Both have a side but real personality which they both cover up in outside. Its quite cool seeing how they change. Hahas. Okie, really really tired now, gotta go sleep, eyes closing. Nites!~

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