Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cosfest 2007 pictures

Pictures~ Pictures~

Woah! I'm done with all my written tests. At last!~ My most recent statistics test was okay. I think it was easier than what I had expected..I'm still thinking along sec 3/4 maths standard. Hahas. Time to enjoy now! I'm gonna watch Harry Potter later!!!!! Whee Whoo.. with Kim. Yep Yep. Hopefully we will get good seats and no spoilers(esp Kim). Hahas..I heard from my classmates that in order to understand the movie well, you gotta read the book 1st as the movie is moving very very fast. So Kim, I'll give you a crash course on Harry Potter Book 5 later. Hohoho! This few weeks have been very hectic, rushing to Cosfest, studying, revision and compilation of pictures, I've barely have time to blog and watch my animes. Oh yea, I've a couple of animes that I want to watch now after going to the Cosfest. I'm gonna watch Bleach, D Gray-man, Code Gearrs, Nanoha and many many more. Once the holidays start, I'm gonna start chionging all these animes. Hahas. Okie, I'm gonna post some Cosfest pictures up here now. Enjoy!~

Sasuke & Me! 1st day of Cosfest at Ngee Ann City. Sasuke is cosplayed by a girl. By then again, this girl (jesuke) is a brillant cosplayer. She cosplayed again on sunday.

Prince Of Tennis & Me. I haven't watch the show so I don't know who he is cosplaying from the anime..Heex (3rd day of Cosfest at downtown east.)

Kira & Me. Kira from Bleach. Though I didn't watch bleach, but I think he's good too. Hahas

Me, Gin(Bleach Character) & Eileen. I think he looks like the anime Gin, equally fox-faced. hahas

Tamaki & Me. Though Tamaki is cosplayed by a girl, but she really acts like Tamaki. hahas.

That's it for now. I'll post more pictures when I'm done with all my presentation. Hahas. Tata!~

Harry Potter time!!!

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