Monday, July 7, 2008

1 week worth of blogging

Okay, long time since I blogged. 1 week, so this shall be a long long post. If I can still remember what to blog about...

Back to where my previous post was.

26th June:
Had a family celebration at home and discovered that Kimta Claus came up my rubbish chute to lend me a hand paw. Yeaps. Thanks to all the birthday wishes and gifts on that day. Heex

27th June:
Ticketing day for Cosplay Arts Festival. Quite a good response.

5 July:
COSFEST 08!!!! Yeaps, for the 1st day, I cosplay as Kanda from D. Grayman. Not so bad, but I need to improve a lot. Oh well, the binding was....OUCH. Really ouch on that day. After that, took off my costume and stuff and showed sensei around there for a while before running off. Heex.

6 July:
COSFEST Day 2. Had a super happy day today, cosplaying Tohru from Fruits Basket. I find it better than my 1st day. I decided to do female characters and more smiley ones as they are more of my character. Hahas. Kanda will be the last guy character I ever do...

Okay, had been a pretty good cosfest. I've roughly decided on what I'm going to cosplay for EOY. Still keeping my options open for now I guess. Okie. Work time. Will post up pictures when I get home. Cya!~

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