Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Guilty as charged

Okay! Its been a really long time since I blogged. Lots of excuses. Once I reached home, I flop on my bed and sleep. Its been really tiring. The few main events are over...basically: NYP COSPLAY ARTS FESTIVAL!!! Whoosh~

We survived it and SJCC rocks! Thanks to the help of many people too. Gotta thank the coordinator/shifu: Danny. Also Zhi Sen(President/Bro), Sherwin(Deco IC/SKW) and Bryan for helping me out when I couldn't be there. Basically, we couldn't wait for the event to be over and when it was over, suddenly, I felt so free. hahas. Really learnt a lot of things from this event and it really made me realise that I really want to go to the events side in the future and as a job. I quite enjoy the style and the whole process though it is really tiring. All the marketing and admin stuff and connections here and there but still, it was fun when you look back at it. All the training sessions and rehearsals we had with the cosplayers(Caffies) were fun and good. At least through this event, we were able to bond the different divisions together much more now. Though there are still post CAF stuff to handle, its not as tough now....or is it not. Hahas.

Another big event was my attachment, the Singapore Garden Festival Expo. Was helping out there and learning things and the food................IS GOOODDDD!!! okok, not just the food, the exhibitions we went to see were good and the comments. Hahas. It was ok except for a few scary incidents here and there, but other than that, it was fun being with the team. XDDD

This week is quite tiring and boring for me. Oh well, I cant wait till next week. Its so fast. This will be my 2nd last week at my current stopover before going over to MSC where I will be located at one of the shops. I'm hoping to be in Giordano. hahas. My classmates say that I have the Giordano look..........Time really passes by fast. I cant wait for the attachment to be over and I can finally catch with up all my friends that I'm unable to meet like Kim, Sarah, Fifi..etc etc. XDDD

Natsu is reaching and i gotta buck up on my own and with Danny's lessons in JMD now, I have to work hard. YOSH! I must make sure that I perform well at Natsu. 'Debut' performance and I shall not drag down anyone. heex. Must pose more and look cute......ARGHHHH!!! I.Shall.Do.It. LOL

yeaps, anyway, shall end off here. Lots of photos waiting to be uploaded. I shall upload tonight when I get back. I shall. XDDD

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