Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yeaps, I'm back again. Not with the pictures that I promised but that will be later on. Just wanted to find a place to 'destress' though I'm not stress. Its just...emo? Not really. More like I want a place to babble and just take my mind off some stuff. Sometimes, I guess we have to accept things that are already set and can't be changed. All I can do now is to think positive and be glad that this is so now and it will stay forever this way. Let me just convince myself with that. Maybe I'm just too selfish at times and not used to sharing. Just got to learn to accept that. I want to babble and babble on and on and on. But there is no one to listen to my babbling now. Alone in the office(with only 1 person that I cant talk to) and after work too. Suddenly, I've been hit with a wave of Sian-ness. Dum di Dum.

Maybe I should just end off here for now. And see if I want to do anything esle later.

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