Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pictures Spam!~~~

Feeling much better after spending time in the library. Hahas. Keeping my promise, so pictures galore!~~~

Cosfest 08 Day 2. Cosplaying Tohru from Fruits Basket. Bryan was my photographer for the day and I had a team. Will upload the pics soon... Here's one with G4.
NYP Cosplay Arts Festival - 16th July 2008
I cosplayed as Kanda, same as Cosfest 08 Day 1. CAF will be the last time I cosplay Kanda and I have officially retired cosplaying him. XDDD
Credits of Photos: Speedknight
Though I wish to update all the photos up here, but majority of it were taken on my birthday. So..shan't spam pictures..

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