Saturday, June 7, 2008


Today is a Disney day for me. Went shopping in Compass Point first and saw lots of Disney soft toys, mainly Winnie the Pooh series and I got an Eeyor~ Chibi Eeyor. LOL I saw the tofu soft toy and its really soft and nice to hug....Tempted~ And there was an Eeyor pillow too, but Eeyor looks kinda of mutated in it and its hard, not nice to hug. Whahahahaha. I want the tofu thingy now. Maybe I'll go hunt around tomorrow. XD

Anyway, yea. I watched Lion King 3 again today and its still as funny as ever. Its been a long time since I've watched it. Went to school after watching for a CCA briefing and had a nice talk again with someone. Wasn't in a good mood after that, started to stone a little. Guess its the weather and also, not feeling too well. Natsu practice tomorrow. My house seems empty now. Mom in Indonesia, Dad going for Operation soon, Bro is somewhere outside and I'm in school. Oh well, pretty tired out here and guess I better rest early. Long day tomorrow.

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