Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kungfu Panda

Hohoho Kungfu fighting, lalalalalalalala. Hohoho....
Watched Kungfu Panda with Bryan, ZS, Sherwin, BT, KK, Danny, Trixy, Xiang Min, Ozzy, Shaun & XY. Really funny and cool. The show is awesomeness. Hahas. The turtle is cool..and so is Po. There are no accidents. Didn't regret going for it. Next up, Driving Lessons/Get Smart. Woots!

Anyway, I was supposed to sign up for my cca trip to Japan this sept/oct, but sadly, due to my attachment in school, I can't go!!!!!!!!!!!! Siannnnnnnnnn....Its like a bubble(very big bubble) just burst. Oh well, I'll make sure I get to go Japan before I reach the age of 35, or 33. Hahas.

Lots of crap are happening, I'm starting to see some true faces of some people and as usual, it confirms the reason why I've nv really like them. Whahahahaha. Okay, Mom's coming back ltr in the morning. Touching down at 11.50pm, would prolly reach home around 1am ++ I guess.

That's all for now. ^^

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