Thursday, March 13, 2008


Missed me?

I've finally got my lazy butt off and started blogging. Prolly because there aren't anything esle to do and I decided to blog before this place really starts to rot. Anyway, I've been pretty busy these few days watching animes, doing my cosplay stuff, church stuff and cca stuff too. See, I'm sooooo busy. Whahaha.
The latest anime that I'm watching and is my favourite anime now is Saiunkoku Monogatori. Don't get turned off by that name. Its really nice if you continue watching it. Ryuuki~~~~Too bad the subs for the 2nd season are only halfway and the 2nd season will prolly lead to a 3rd season which is not coming out soon. This series is actually originated frm a novel series by the Japanese author and her latest novel will be coming out in May, which means its going to be a long time before I find out what will happen to them after the ending of the 2nd season.

Okay! Enough of Saimono for now or I can see the rotten eggs flying in my direction now. Anyway, I met up with Sarah during the hols, she's also curious about cosplay and Japanese sub-culture and all. Wanted to bring her around but sadly, not much time. We did go shopping for some casual clothes though. XD Next meeting up is with the [s]crazy kuku[/s] Kim and I just know how much she misses me, don't ya Kim? Whahahahaha.

Looks like I have lots of stuff to blog about. Let's see. My exams are over and getting my results next wednesday. Oh, and I've got a job too. Stock taking like last hols, except this time, its 3 days and the last day is from 10pm - 7am. That suits me. Since the hols started, I've been sleeping around 4am-5am and waking up at 8-9am. Kinda of crazy I guess. I was not watching anime the whole time..though some gaming were involved thanks to Eileen. LOL. Anw, guess I'm a night owl now, gotta start changing the habit soon when school is about to reopen.

Guess I better sign off here now, oh yea, and I won't be around from the 14 march - 16 march. Will be at my CCA camp. Long time since I've had one. Oh well. bye~~ off to my beloved Saimono~

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