Sunday, April 11, 2010


Ahhh~ Been some time since I've blogged.

Been busy with work. Currently working as an admin assistant and the work there is pretty fun and interesting but the people there are...... Let's just say I miss the colleagues I had in Singtel. Though they're more of friends than colleagues. But oh well~ New environment means new opportunities and my supervisor is super nice and funny! Hahahaha!

Anyway, this is just a short post~!

Look at my spoils for the day!

I finally began watching Macross Frontier. (Ya, I know. Like finally!) Got the DVD from Jovan and watched it! I'm a Ranka fan!!! Prefer Ranka to Sheryl. Heex. And Klan is zai~! And so I was too tempted when I saw this box at KKNM and bought it. And I got Ranka! I preferred the other Ranka but it is still nice~! Wheeeee!

Isn't she cute? XDD

Oh! And while inspecting the Ranka plushie that Trix got at KKNM, we realise that Ranka has green eyebrows (fake eyebrows? LOL!! Inside joke.) and upon checking my figurine, she too has green eyebrows! Didn't know that.
See for yourself here!

As I was thinking of where to put Ranka, I found out that I had 4 chibi figurines hidden in my room. My DGM J-Minis! I had forgotten all about them! I feel guilty. =p


Kanda, looking as cross as ever.

And Ranka is taller than both Lavi & Allen! LOL!

Okie~ Shall end off from here. Feeling really tired! Sentosa tomorrow! Can't wait!

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