Sunday, August 20, 2006


Yesterday was so fun..Met up with Big Steff, a senior in Rp now, with Kim and went to eat at Swensens..lols..We ordered and my mom suddenly called and said she was outside Swensens and asked do I want to join her, I told her I was already inside..lols..and she said she will come in too. We thought she was going to join us so we piled all our bags in e empty mean rite? hahas..In the end, she only came and say hi and bye and wanted to foot the bill, but since Kim and I decided that it was a treat for Steff, I told her not to..After all this, I suddenly felt so guilty..hehes..
We then shop for a while and went to Jon's house to meet up with him and Joel..lols..they went to Macs to makan and Jon was happily playing with some chilli and stuff..the three of us left him alone..lols..It was quite fun, we went to Jon house and woffles is so big and so cute, totally unlike the owner(cuteness I mean..hahas..) and had a great fun playing with all his dogs, woffles, pebbles and sugar..hahas..and we were crapping and playing with stuff and decided to compare my skin colour ith Joel's and I finally found out how fair I was..losl..bGoh came online and Jon was having lots of fun with him and thanks to him, now they knows what is Kim and mine nick..Kim's->Kopi-c..hahas..sadly, I left earlier..lols..though I had lots of fun..Jon is a BIG BIG bully..hahas..kk..Orals coming up, all da best to everyone..lols..
Oh, and who is going for the prom???hahas..

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