Thursday, September 9, 2010

A considerate song next?!

If you've been taking the MRT in Town or at the Circle line, you can probably hear some cute and interesting song that is played right before the arrival of the train. At the end of the song, it also advises people to start queuing up.

I seriously wonder if we are able to hear it in and start showing more courtesy on public transport.
Maybe we'll be able to see the results after a few weeks?

Anyway, I got really pissed and at the same time, disappointed with some patrons on the bus.

I was juggling 2 big bags of stuff that Fook Yu & Stellar returned to me in one hand and my other was for my school bag. Yea, please imagine how I would look with 3 big bags now.

So as I boarded the bus to my house, I walked to the end of the bus where there were 3 empty seats. Lovely, ain't it?

Bah! I could not access those 3 seats at all! How the heck do you think I'm supposed to squeeze in with 3 big bags? These 3 patrons who were respectively sitting on the aisle seats did not think about shifting their butts in and one even placed her bag on the seat next to her. =.=

Oh, though 1 guy did ask if I wanted to squeeze move into the inner seat. Wow~ Nice gesture but I guess you're kinda of blind.

So seriously, I was trying to juggle my bags and balance myself on the bumpy ride and finally, an aisle seat near me was freed~ And a guy rushed to it and sat down. =.=

Like what the toot sia!

By the way, all those patrons that I mentioned above are Singaporeans. Sigh~Was freaking pissed off after I alighted from the bus but at the same time, disappointed at the lack of courtesy that we show at times.

I hope the next song that SMRT plays will be an consideration song! I think we seriously need that!

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