Monday, September 6, 2010



I got into the Quarter-Finals of VPH 2010!~~


I really thought I screwed up my audition and wouldn't get through but thank God, I did!!!! Wheeee~!

Oops, in my excitement, I forgot to explain what's VPH. =p

Well, VPH stands for Voice Personality Hunt and it is a competition to search for the next big voice talent in SMU.

And the winner gets a shot at being an Emcee or DJ!~ Ain't it awesome?? XDD

Trainings for the QF will be tomorrow and the actual QF will be on Thursday itself. Gonna cross my fingers and pray I won't make a fool of myself and that I will get into the semi-finals!

Okay, so that's the piece of great news that I received recently.

Recently, I've been swamped with quite a few things like school & friends, so much that I've been lacking sleep. At least today is a day off for me. Phew~

Speaking of which, I got a driving class later. >.<

Anyway, on a random note, here are some camwhore and nonsensical pictures of Leen & I which were taken when we were bored in the train on the way to Shaun's 21st birthday chalet. (Whoosh, what a long sentence!LOL!)

Oh oh~ And look at the newest addition to my handphone!

Super cute right??

Guess where I got it from!

The Tu-tu-tu-tu-tu~ machine! (Yea, that's what I call the Sweets/Ufo Catcher)

XM is getting better and better at this machine~ But too bad, we are horrid when it comes to playing the UFO catcher. Oh well~ I have like quite a lot of small soft toys like those above in my room due to the tu-tu-tu-tu-tu~ machine which I'm busy dangling them all over my bags that I bring out~ Especially my Laptop case & my Candy Sugar bag!

Oh! And speaking of my Candy Sugar bag, I've received a few emails asking me for orders & enquiries about it so I decided to just give out some details and open a mini-spree here. XD

Candy Sugar PVC bag
Price: $24
Colours: Black, Brown, Blue

Really love this bag loads and it has lots of compartments for me and what's awesome is that it has a 'thermal' holder for your water bottle & a secret compartment at the bottom of the bag. Heex~

Spree will end on 13th September 2010 and items will arrive in 2-3 weeks time.
Please email your orders to

For those who are interested in getting other Candy Sugar items, do email me the links or pictures of it and I can help you check out the price. There are other bags instead of this like the cloth Candy Sugar bags which I did not get as I got my Nobuta wo Produce (Akira) bag that time~

If you wish to get a Nobuta wo Produce bag, can just email me your orders too~ Last order on 13th September 2010 too! Nobuta wo Produce bags are not just limited to this design. There are Akira, Shuji and also Nobuko's bags too!


Okie, will be posting photos that I took at the Gundam Fiesta at Compass Point soon~ Just went there on Saturday with boyf and even though I'm no Gundam fan but then, you will just get sucked in to the madness thanks to the awesome model kits that were on display. hahahaha!

That's all for now~ Cya soon! XDD

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