Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let's throw a welcome party now!~

Welcome me to the iPhone gang!

Seriously, I never did think that I would ever get an iPhone. But then, fate has a interesting way to twist things around and poof! Here I am with my own iPhone. And the amazing thing, Dad volunteered to get it for me. (Well, after some convincing done on my part. =p)

I did not consider getting an iPhone as I was perfectly happy with my iTouch (till I got itchy fingers and upgraded it to OS4 and now it lags like crap. Gotta redo it somehow I guess.) but then, I found that being in SMU = Email Flood!

Really, every morning, I've gotta like clear and check loads and loads of email. It was worse than what I gotta face during my previous job. So with that as an excuse and how much it would help my studies and prevent me from getting lost, the 'rents agreed to get it for me. Muahahaha~

And after going down to Starhub, I didn't have to wait long before I got to use my new phone~ Many thanks to the guy who served me and even helped me transfer my contacts over. XDD

Did all the miscellaneous stuff that you will do after getting a new phone. Like screen protector, casing, yada yada yada.

And so, I'm now connected to the internet 24/7. Good? Bad? I have no idea. Just gotta wait and see then.

Here's the case that I got for my iPhone.

I'm trying to look for one that will enable me to hang my charms on the phone but to no avail. If anyone has any lobangs, please let me know ya? XDD And hopefully, the design is nice? XDD

Okie, ending this post off now~ Short, I know but my stomach is starting a concert now.

Look, I'm so hungry that I can eat my new phone!

Ok, that was lame.

Gonna grab a bite before my next class.

So, that shall be all for now folks!

Do help me clickity click on the new ads lounging around here yea? XDD

(And please pardon this girl with the tired face)
See Ya~

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