Thursday, September 23, 2010

Presenting Mr Heartthrob of the Month~

Who's Mr Heartthrob?

Hurhurhur, I shall reveal that in awhile. Or you can always just skip to the end and take a peek 1st. XD

But the wait is totally worth it!

Did anyone go Seiransai last Sunday?

It was my 3rd year there and each year, I'm there with different people.

1st year: SJCC - AkiMizu & Leen (Oh, the days of naivety and innocence)
2nd year: Danny, Wendy & KK (Which I remember the Merlion game.LOL)
3rd year: My girlf, Leen~ =p

We met Danny, Trix, Wendy & Merlion there too~

And this year, like previous year, I only managed to go to 1 booth.

Leen, Trix, Wendy & I went to the new booth that they had set up on the top floor, the Maze Game~!

It was pretty interesting and you get to choose the gender you wish to be born with and the game slowly takes you through all the stages of life. And I mean ALL~ Up till the age of 50 where after that, you gamble and I think we died due to the thrill of it. =p

Anyway, I had a great time there and I was paired up with Leen where it was hilarious, looking at our choices as we went through it. Heehee.

Here's my prize~

Oh! And this time round, we managed to eat more of the food they are selling there and spend quite some time at the cafe too. They have quite a few food stalls like Okonimiyaki, SibWay (yes, I believe its a spoof of Subway) and also Orchid Cafe which has the most food~


Well, Leen & I headed to Orchid Cafe and we had a great time there with the food~

I think we ordered too much anyway. But the puddings were AWESOME! =p

And of course, how could we miss our camwhore shots?

And that's the end of my report at the 20th Seiransai. Was glad that I managed to meet up with some old faces there. Heex~

Okay okay~ We're reaching the segment for Mr Heartthrob soon.

Anyway, been going out with Leen quite a lot recently. No choice but to squeeze in our outings now as she's gonna start her PRCP next week. Sobs~

And since SMU is so near to POMO, which is currently our fav chill out place, which happens to be near Sunshine Plaza which has fabulous food and KKNM!~

\O/ for KKNM for bringing us goodies~

And so, I bought Mr Heartthrob from there and he is ...

And yea, that's the picture of him in the anime/game~
Ahhhh~ >_< *fangirls* Saitou is Leen's & my favourite character from Hakuouki~ But then again, I still have another fav character from there, Hijikata Toshiro~ Isn't he cute? =p

And so, we were having a mini photoshoot for him at O'Divino.

Love my new plushie so so much~

In fact, I have him in my school bag as I'm typing this out. Heex. Gonna bring him to see the rest later. =p

Hakuouki is an anime that is adapted from a game which is like awesome. For the anime, there are 12 episodes in the 1st season and the 2nd season is coming out this October! Woooots~!
For the game, there are 3 platforms for it, PSP, PS3 & DS. And I was like dying to play it after choinging through the anime in 2 days. =p

And since Hakuouki originated from a game, Saitou's favourite pastime is gaming too~

Check him out~

Ain't he cute? And guess who's DS is that!

It belongs to YOURS TRULY!~~

Courtesy of my dearest boyf~

Who is enjoying it too. =p

It's a super duper extra early Christmas present + something else which is a secret from him to moi~

DS is currently pink with an Hello Kitty casing in a Minnie Mouse's Skirt/Underpants pouch. LOL!
Which is like my gadgets bag now~

I've fully loaded my DS with lots and lots of games like Naruto, RPG games and Winx Club! (Yes, Winx Club. Your eyes aren't playing a trick on you!)


Happy Jojo now as she got 1 more gadget to keep her entertained during traveling or waiting.

Okie~ That's all for my post for now and yeaps, my DS is what I was super excited about yesterday. Heehee!

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