Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What am I doing?

I don't know. Truth to be said, I have no idea. Recently, I've realised how easily I can be affected by certain things or people in my life. Good or bad, I have no idea. Depends I guess. 

Been feeling irritated at myself lately.Maybe it's the weather, the boredom, the upcoming even that reminds me of how old I am or maybe, just maybe, I'm blaming it on everything except  that one 'THING'. In short, I believed I know the reason why I'm feeling irritated. Simply 'cos I feel useless for not being able to accomplish such an easy task. 

And there I was, few months ago being all strong headed about independence and living well on my own and now, being pathetic, confused and upset. Over a person.

Yes, I'm mindless ranting but I decided to just try typing it out. I knew I had to do it after I couldn't sleep this morning and realised, "Damn, I'm really affected by these simple damn things!". 

Sometimes, I just wish we can read what's going on in their minds, it might make things so much simpler. On the surface yes, but there are definitely serious consequences to bear if we really managed to do that. 

All in all, I guess after writing this down and stuff, I'm still lying to myself about how or what I feel for that person. 

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