Friday, November 7, 2008

Fun & Laughter, Peace & Joy

I got back my TEP results. It was pretty good for me. All As. I'm happy enough. It managed to pull my overall GPA up to 3.81. Happy~~~ Which means my GPA for last sem is 4.0. Woots. At last, though its just attachment and 2 modules, at least its a dream come true. I wonder if I can do as well for this semester. Whahahahaha. This sem, the modules are interesting, but taxing. 8 modules. Pheww whoooo. Yeaps.
Oh yea, here are some pictures that I took over the past week. I also managed to catch a movie. Tropic Thunder. Wooohooo. Its a funny but yet gross show.

Lunchtime Concert on 29Oct and 5th Nov

Had a great time dancing. The 2nd performance was much better for me. Heex. Currently practising for Open House next year. A fusion of both hip hop and traditional. Wheee...can't wait. Just learnt a few sets yesterday and it looks great. Its just too bad that not all the juniors were there. Most of the time, I think I'm not 'Junior-lise' like what Jiejie said. Like the traditional choreo. I shall start to ask them then.

Hamamatsu is this coming wednesday. Jiayou to the Mentos juniors. I believe it will be great. And after this, good luck with Open House. Hahas.

Time to go study and chiong my report due this friday and my two tests tomorrow and tuesday. I hate this week.

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