Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Last week was hectic thus the lack of blogging. (excuses excuses)

I had my first performance in school, Lunchtime concert and it was full of mistakes. On my part that I feel. Sigh~
However, after that, G4 + Xiao Qiang and I went to watch.....

Wheeee~~~ It was a big improvement from HSM2. Sharpay's still my favourite character in it. Ashley Tisdale. Woots!~ The songs are defintely better and so is the storyline. There will be an HSM 4 coming out but a different cast, probably. Was pretty happy after the whole movie. XDDD

Oh yea, just the day before that, Tuesday, I went to sign up for Nebo membership. Finally. Got my nebo card and my Tapz card, Doraemon~ (though it has no $$ inside, it is purely for decoration purposes and maybe taiko? LOL)

Lunchtime concert tomorrow again. Wish me all the best in it and that I won't repeat my mistakes.

I'm exploring 2 new photographs site for fun, Mag my pic and Photofunia. Really great. After I'm done experimenting, I'll upload some. hurhurhur.

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