Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Post Natsu

2 days have passed since Natsu 08. Suddenly feel so weird not practising the dance at home. Well, my parents were quite glad that I wasn't playing the song anymore. XDD

Natsu was great!! The dance went okay I guess, haven't seen the video yet but I guess as usual, my expression is.............. plus I made a mistake at the end, skipped to the wrong place. *headdesk* how klutz can I be. Very, I guess. Hahas. Anyway, I had real fun there with everyone. Met up with quite a few friends there too. After the performance, stayed in the hall for the Bon Oodori and it was fun!! Hahas. Can't describe much except it was fun...LOL. By the time we packed up our stuff and left the halls, most of the stalls were empty and I didn't manage to get my soda drink...again. Oh well, I think I know where I can buy it now, so I shall go on a hunt soon. Heex.

I have been working in the afternoon shift though there are still quite a few things that need to be done, like my personal selling and stuff. Busy! So many things to do, so little time. Argh! Things are getting along better at my work and well, let's just see. Hahas. Being in attachment makes me feel kinda of detached from people at times, but oh well. I guess I have next semester to catch up, if they haven't forgot about me. Whahahaha.

Nothing much these few days I guess, busy doing reports and stuff.

End off here, time to chiong my stuff out. Rahh!!

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