Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival

YESH! I'm back!!

Hahas, been too lazy and tired these few days to use my lappie. I'm thinking of reformating it. At least it won't lag again...Maybe I should.

Last saturday, went to JMD and after that, went to church for the mid autumn festival and it was quite the same. Nothing much as usual.

Sunday, after church, I went to Raffles Place to meet up with some JMD peeps to watch a Taiko Performance at Victoria Concert Hall by the JAS. Very cool and zai performance. Not just the drums, but the dance all, woah! Hahas. After that, went to Carl's JR at Marina Square with G4 and it was super funny. My stomach hurt from laughing too much. Totally LOL. Though I keep falling asleep at some parts, headache starting acting up. Hahas. Reaching home, I slept for 12 hours straight. Whoooohooo... Love the sleep. Hahas.

Today had a mid autumn festival celebration, an unofficial SJCC event. Had quite a fun time. Lighting lanterns, celebrating Jia Hui (Jiejie) and Bryan's birthday in advance and also playing the square game. Whee!!~

Okie, that's about all for now. Too lazy to upload the pictures, will upload soon I guess. Hopefully.

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