Friday, August 8, 2008


Nice number today.. XDDD
Met up with Kim today, happened to see Bez, Choon Hong and Reuel. Hahas, long time since I met up with them. They went back to Chr for the speech day thingy, couldn't go back cos of attachment... XDDD

Anyway, Kim and I had a mini catch up session, talked bout quite a few things, mainly sec sch stuff. After sitting and crapping at KFC for quite some time, we went around cwp and walk. Lots of new shops seem to have sprung out of nowhere. Ard 9 plus, I bade kim farewell and she was crying as she couldn't bear to leave me...WHAHAHAHAHA..jkjk.

Currently watching the olympics opening with my family. Somehow, there seems to lots of steamboat going on these few days. My family is having steamboat for 3 nights in a row from today, I think jmd side also having or sherwin I think. Lots of steamboats!! Hahas.

Anyway, quite happy bout today. Last day at BSU, kinda sad too. A few people cry. Oh well, I cant wait to see what shift I will be in my next stopover.

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