Monday, August 11, 2008

Food food food and more food~

Okay, don't worry, this page won't be all just about food. real.Well, I think I mention something about the new food 'paradise' was found at the Cathay and so, here are just some of the pictures that taken(at the bottom). Actually, didn't manage to take much as we tackled the food once it reached our table. These are the few that we managed to restrain ourselves before eating it. hahas.Love the fried ebi and also all the fried food. Yum Yum!~

Yesterday went to far east to look for 60s costume and also to see the rest of them getting their haircut. Hahas. All of them look pretty different, especially G3.Well, I've alread cut my fringe today. XDDD

Oh ya, and we managed to find the 60s dress, now all we need to do is to make sure that everyone is OK with it next sat, then we will buy it. Then I have to go source for 2 inch heels for dancing. Heex. Gotta start practicing how to dance with that. XDDD After slacking around for a while, we went off to shop somemore at Taka area and went to eat KFC and decided to join them back for pool at meridien singapore....and they had a F4 Vs G4 competition. hahas. It was BT against Danny (Danny won), ZS against XM (ZS won), Bryan against Ezzat (Bryan won) then Bryan against Jaeson again(Bryan won again) because KK didn't want to play. Woots, and thus, the winner got a box of donuts the free donut mug that they got. Hahas. I wonder where it is now. Had a pretty nice day yesterday~

But I dreaded today... The new attachment. lots of problems. Why why!?? They warned us about blogging so, shan't say much. Hahas. Oh well, just gotta grit my teeth and do my best then. Yosh!! My attachment timing will probably be quite messed up, which means lots of things are going to be impromptu, bringing lots of trouble to many people. Argh!!!!! oh well, let's hope it will get better sooner. :)

At Tampines Mall Ajisen Ramen.
And now, FOOD!!~~~ Ebi.Sotong.Dumpling.Tori Karage.
Sashimi! The only dish we remembered to take a picture of.
The ebis~~~~

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