Monday, December 1, 2008

Photos Fun!~

Wheeee~ Just done with one test. ICT, quite easy and was surprised at it. I got back my bFin test. Quite happy with my results. 28 out of 30. This two weeks are the project and test weeks, just before the holidays. Sigh. MY trip to Thailand might be cancelled too, thanks to the riot and stuff that is happening just nice at the area we are going. Oh well, let's hope that it will end soon. Heex. In bLaw now and getting bored, there's like nothing to do on the laptop cos I'm too lazy to go online and my lappy is too laggy too. Argh..
Decided to upload some pictures that I 'edited' through an online software. Heex. Did it quite some time ago but forgot to upload it. Heex. '

Best friendz~
I went window shopping and found...They love me!
Yeaps, ending off with this pic. I got extensions, fake ones though. XDDDD
haven really worn it out yet..heex. not used to it yet...

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