Monday, October 26, 2009

Reminscing the old and embracing the new~

Currently at work now. Got the internet back. Whahahahaha~! Only slept 3 hours last night so still feeling hyper... for now. I think I'll K.O. when I reach home at night. Hahas. Wanted to sleep at 12 last night but..... I was too hooked on to Buzzer Beat!
Whahahahaha. Yea, I'm kinda of slow. I waited till Xiang finished watching the DVD before 'stealing' it over. Even so, I still watched other old dramas before watching that. But its niceeeee. I watched the whole afternoon and after dinner till 3am. Wanted to continue finishing the last 3 episodes. I choing-ed 8 epis. But if I did finish the whole series, I wouldn't have been able to come to work today. Whahaha. I'll be like: End of Show -> Bath -> Prepare -> Off to work~! LOL, did try that before for school. Hahas. Buzzer Beat is nice~ Lots of eyecandy. =P

After finishing the last 3 episodes either tonight or tomorrow, I'll watch Atashinchi no Danshi by Maki Horikita~

Heex. Also 'stolen' from Xiang. Whahahahahaha~

Speaking of DVDs, when walking past Laserflair recently, I noticed they had lots of old cartoons on VCD & DVD. Not just the classics like Cinderella but also the Swan Princess! I liked that show when I was young. Its an adaption of the Swan Lake.

I was super shocked when I saw the sequels. Did some research and found out there were two sequels to it. heehee. Maybe I should get the DVD of it. At least of the original film. Besides the Disney Classics, there were also some cartoons that I really enjoyed.
There is Anastasia.

Ahhh~ Enjoyed the movie~ XDDD

Another was the Penguin and the Pebble. Lol..
And of course, The Land before Time. I have the Part 1 to 5 at my house, its still there. But can't be played unless I have an LD player. Yeaps, they are all LDs. Hahas.. Ancient huh?

Okie, wanted to post up some Polariods I made with my iTouch but can't transfer them so, another time then~!

These few days, feet are like killing me again. Argh~ *wants massage* So if anyone have any recommendations for any massages, foot or body, do let me know ya? Heehee~

Okie, back to stoning at work, shopping later. =P

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