Sunday, October 11, 2009

I have no idea what to put for the title.

Heyo!~ Its been a long time since I've updated and there seems to be so many things to blog about. For this past whole week, I've been feeling really happy and keep smiling all the way. Maybe its because I've managed to accomplish some of the things I've wanted to do for quite some time and feels like my life is progressing on. Though there are more things to be done, I've got a good feeling about it. XDD I can't wait for what the future has in store! Hahas.. So for the past week, I've people asking me why am I being so happy, its hard to explain why I'm feeling this much happiness but it seems that most of the things in my life are going along smoothly and I'm able to think and understand more. I guess it might have been of my own selfish thinking in the past thus making me a not-so-happy person. Heex. Hopefully this happiness will stay on long~ Yoosh!

Anyway, this past week had been reaaaally busy~ Okay, maybe not so busy but I felt it was quite packed. hahas.. Monday and Tuesday was normal, nothing much. Wednesday was jalan-ing with Kim at Haji Lane. We managed to shop there for quite a few hours and the most amazing thing was that I didn't spend any money at all!! I was so shocked! I was prepared to do some serious shopping but sadly, didn't manage to do any. But oh well~ After that, we rushed down to Lido to catch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with Xiang. It was my 1st time watching a movie at Lido. Yea.. I know I'm suaku. =p
After that was just chilling and slacking at TCC. Pictures are all with Kim. Was too lazy to take any pictures. And speaking of which, I haven't uploaded the pictures we took on the previous outing. Heex..

Thursday was normal, and on Friday, I took halfday off to look for a dress for XM's friend's wedding the next day. So walked around Wisma, Taka and FEP to look for a 'gown/prom' kind of dress. Finally found 2 that I liked at FEP. 1 was short and the other was longer. Both were pink but we decided to take the longer one~ XDD Its really nice and I think it can be considered my 1st 'prom-type' of dress. Heex~ After that, we went to get Xiang's shirt for the wedding too and managed to get one that we both really like. We then rushed down to AMK to meet the rest of them for Cindy's birthday celebration dinner! Wheee~ Been a long time since we ate there after practice ended. Had a really great time talking and crapping with them. Hahas!

Saturday was one of the days where I could finally sleep in and boy, I had a good loooong sleep. And it was raining too~ Even though it was noisy but still, sleeeeep~ After I woke up, I prepared myself and went to Orchard to meet XM. On the way there, I felt lots of stares. Guess its uncommon to see people wearing this kind of dress and just walk out. But it will be super nice and cool if people in Singapore starts to dress in this way. But then again, its Singapore.. culture works differently in every country.
After meeting Xiang, we met Dickson and Joanna. Yeaps, we have the same name and similar surname. Just an additional 'O' in her surname. Woah~ LOL.. We went to style our hair at 'Leng and team'.. (ya, that's my surname. Whahahaha) and I got wavy curls~ Heex. Always wanted waves in my hair but its hard to maintain. Heex.
Later on, we met more of their friends at Martin and Erin's wedding. Both are close friends of XM. It was my 1st time attending a friend's relative, unlike the past where the bride or groom were my parents' friends. So it was a different experience and I had a good time there. Heex~

Here are some pictures of us~

Camwhoring before/after dinner~

Guess which 'twist' sign belongs to my hand....hehehe

Xiang and me~

Dickson and Joanna

2 Joanna-s!
Ending this post with this picture of us~ Heex.

Shall post up more next time.

I'm late! =P

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