Tuesday, October 13, 2009

North South East West, Lost for Directions~


I've been feeling a little stress since this morning.. thanks to me thinking too much into the future again~ Hahas.. actually, was quite frustrated over this matter for quite some time. Did lots of thinking over this, asking myself what do I want, asked lots of people for their opinions on it too.

Maybe I'm thinking too far~ After all, I still have 1 more semester to go before I graduate from poly.

Yeaps! That's what been pestering and hogging my mind. Where I'll be heading to after I graduate..

Should I work or should I go for a degree. There are so many different answers to the questions I posed to others. I know what I want: No more studying. But is that really good for the future, if I don't have a degree?

Arghh! Even if I do take a degree, I don't really wish to go into NTU or NUS. It seems so stress and.. I'm thinking of Murdoch or RMIT or University of London. The few overseas universities located in Singapore. Offering business degrees.

And again, there is the matter of fact whether there is a difference of the university the degree is from. Like.. there's so many things to think about and consider. Or maybe, I'm just thinking too too much.

There's also the path which means I can work for some time before taking any degree courses or work and study part-time. I doubt I can work and study part-time.. so, that's out of the question. I'm wondering if it will be good to work for a few years before going to study or should I just get my studying years over and done with?

I'm muddling my own head now. Ok. Maybe you are wondering why I'm thinking about this matter all of a sudden. Or why I am being so 'kan-jiong' since I still have like 1 more semester to go through. Well, I was suddenly reminded that this is my last semester and when Emily was looking through the different universities, that's when I realised I don't actually have a definite place where I'm planning to head. True, the future is unknown and unpredictable. But Miss Jo here likes to have at least a rough direction of where she is heading. XDD So here I am, stressing myself out when its probably unfound. =P

Well, my plans did change quite a lot this year. All along, I thought I had to enter University, but later on, things changed due to many factors and circumstances.

Okieeee~ I shall not keep thinking about this and put my efforts into my last semester and the other 'project'. Yosh! When we complete it, who knows, this problem might not be a problem anymore~ =P

Back to work for now. Heehee~

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