Monday, October 5, 2009


Bored bored bored at work.

Even though most people have Monday blues or greens or pinks or reds but I was feeling pretty happy today, early in the morning. I was looking forward to today, finally meeting XM again. Didn't get any chance to meet him for some days.. Hahas. And I also met Sarah at Woodlands Station. Super coincidence and it has been ages since I've last saw her. She has long hair now. Hahas. And looking so business like. Woohooo~ Talked all the way to Cityhall where she's having her attachment at. Hahas. Super nice to talk to her again.

Meeting Kim again this wed to go jalan jalan. Retail therapy with her! Whahahaha. She's super suaku.. And I thought I was bad. But oh well. Probably going down Haji Lane and other places to walk~ Heex. After that, meeting XM to watch Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs hopefully. Whahahaha! Happy~

With so many happy things, how could I suffer from Monday blues right?

But still, some things still managed to dampen my spirits. 2 out of 3 dresses I ordered online went out of stock and production. Was looking forward to that sundress. Sigh~ I wanted a sundress. =( And also other things that made me go a little sian.. but oh well. Life goes on and look forward to the next moment. =)



Hahas!! Suddenly had a craving for cakes. Gonna buy 1 and that shall be my dinner. Heex..

Later then~ Half an hour more and its end of work for today. XDDD

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