Friday, October 2, 2009

Pictures Spam!

Hehehe.. I got so many pictures to be uploaded that I've delayed for a long time. Here are just some random ones that I got, not in any order. I tried arranging them but I guessed I'm getting dementia as I've forgotten when did each picture exactly took place. =P

This is how long our receipt is when XM and I ordered our food from Pepper Lunch, thanks to our special orders. =P

Fry fry fry~ Cook cook cook~

My special order: No corn, no spring onions, addition of cheese and egg.

On 20th Sept, went to Seiransai with Danny, Wendy and Kim Kai. Nothing much this time round and didn't manage to go to Haunted House as the tickets were sold out. Kinda of messy but still had fun there. Heex~

We voted for the Merlion and Rookies booth for a popularity booth contest (I think?) which were the only 2 we went but it was definitely fun! Hahas..

The voting slip. The drawing is cute but somehow, the words seems.....I got another new bag now! Thanks to Xiang. Pink bag~ XDDD Love the bag charm too.. Heex.

Part 1 of Retail Therapy with Xiang which resulted in zero purchases. Amazing right? Hahahaha!

While waiting~

Our dinner on that day. Lots of food to try at the basement. Hahas.

During the exploration of ION, we went to Tea Loft and tried the food.

Heard the Mee Rebus was nice~

Cakes~ It's pretty nice.
Brownie! But I prefer the cake. Heex..

I went to Orchard Central on 18 Sept. Was walking around there before meeting Xiang to watch The Ugly Truth. Its funny and at the same time, showing the difference in the interpretation of love by guys and girls. Well, interpretation of majority of guys and girls.

Camwhored again~

After the movie, Xiang and I went back to get our iTouch! XDDD I got mine using my 1st payout from my temp work now. Happy!! I got a 8Gb iTouch. More than enough for me. Heex.

Pooh's new love. Hahas.. jkjk~

Some pictures from work~
On the bus to work~

A funny jelly drink. Always wanted to try but didn't have the chance. I shook it pretty hard before drinking but still got some weird feeling. Overall, not bad. Hahas.

Not much online shops to look at. Have already looked through most that we know of which are around 30 plus?? Maybe.. Hahas.
Any good shops to recommend? XDD

Bored at work~ (Emily in the background)

She refuses to take any pictures on that day. Or rather she made me delete most of the pictures except for this. Sheesh!
Anyway, this week had quite a few stuff to do thus the delay in uploading pictures and all. By the time I reached home every night, I just flop over on the bed and sleep~ Yea, I was that tired. LOL.
On Monday, I went to watch Fame with Xiang, Trixy and Danny. It was nice for me. Though I heard from them that the original movie had emphasised more on the storyline which sounds nice. I shall watch the original as soon as I got the chance and time. Heex.

Then on Tuesday............ Something crazy happened! When crazy meets crazy, when chip meets dale, when Jo meets Kim!! LOL..

After watching Aliens in the Attic, which was hilarious, we went to Gelare at Orchard Central and chit-chatted there for 3 hours? It's been a loooooong time since we met and talk and went crazy!
Look what Kim did to her whipped cream.. Sheesh!

Camwhored in the toilet there with their nice mirrors. More pictures up in Facebook~

Yeayea~ BFFs!
Can't wait for next week. Meeting Kim again~ Whahahaha. That crazy girl.

Xiang brought me to makan at a place in Vivo on Wednesday. A place where its famous for its burgers and chicken meat. Some place starting with A something something. =P
And for once, I managed to finish it all! Whahahahaha! I'm starting to be a pig!~

Xiang & me~
Happy~! Okay, done with uploading most of my pictures. I recently did a lot of retail therapy. Slacking in office with Emily and Dawn is bad for my wallet. They just keep tempting me. Whahahaha. But I'll do the same back to them. Lol! Can't wait for all my new purchases to arrive. Yeayeayea! Gonna have steamboat with family + church tomorrow at my house. Steamboat + BBQ again.. Oh well~

Oh yea, I've finally finished reading the actual book of Pride and Prejudice, always wanted to but only managed to finish it recently, like yesterday? Its goooood~ Shall go watch the movie now. Heard its super nice! Heex

Will be missing him loads this week due to his work~ Can't wait for next week~ Heex. Movie time for me! XDD

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