Saturday, October 3, 2009


Upset upset upset. It hurts me to be unable to do anything to ease her pain. From a strong woman to behave in this manner now, it was something I didn't foresee, nor I felt she had foreseen that one day, this would happened to her. My paternal grandma. She's much closer to me than my maternal grandma seeing as she lives with me and took care of me since young. But now, looking at her, it really hurts me. Though I'm grateful that she has no medical condition, but I believe that old age is causing her pain through the weakening of her legs and body. She's crying and mumbling to herself everyday. Even after talking to her, letting her know we're there, she still continues. There doesn't seems to be anything we can do for her except to continue to care for her and talk to her.

Sometimes, aging is a scary thing to me. Seeing both my once-healthy grandmothers falling to sickness and old age makes me think more about my own future aging. If I ever get the chance, I hoped to live till around 70+. And die peacefully. That will be good. I don't want to wish to live a really long life till 80 or 90. Just enough time to enjoy myself after retirement will be good. But, I'm thinking too far I guess, Whahahahaha...

Okie, just wanted to let off some frustrations here. Back to my movies~ Oh! And Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all! XDD

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