Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Farming Day~

Last Saturday was Deepavali. My church organised an outing to visit the different farms at Lim Chu Kang. We went to 3 different farms which were Hay Dairies, Jurong Frog Farm and Bollywood.

Well, to cut the loooong story short. At Hay Dairies, most of the kids were stunned at the milking of the goats which led their imagination for the milking of the cows. To which, some said they won't be able to drink milk without thinking about it again.

For me, I just feel that the goats are like in pain, though it seemed kinda of gross at 1st.
Just uploading some pictures of Hay Dairies here~

Looks painful..

Before & after being milked. See the difference?

Advertising for goat's milk. Hahas..

Joy & me~ We've known each other since birth. Friends for like.. 19 years? LOL..

Next we went to Jurong Frog Farm, which I've been there countless time with my Dad when I was a kid. Didn't see the execution of the frogs but went to visit their relatives at the different Froggy Nation.

Shall not post up the pictures of the froggies. Too many frogs kinda made me feel... err.. yeaa.. disgusting~

Some poor squashed frog.. RIP~ Maybe it was squashed while trying to rescue his relatives from the execution ground.

They have a honeymoon couple suite for their frogs too.. Heehee..

After that, we proceeded to Bollywood (yes, its at Lim Chu Kang) for our lunch which was organic and went on a guided tour there. However, upon reaching the farm, the 1st scene I saw was this:

Cool right?? LOL. I told Joy and the rest, " I'm going to be a farm owner in the future." Hahas..

Well, they didn't belong to the owner but to some guests they had. Lamborghini-s, Ferrari-s and Maserati were the types of cars there. Woohoo~

And they gave me one Ferrari~ LOL, like real. Hahas..

After oooh-inh & gaga-ing over the cars, we went for our lunch~

The Kids Menu Group!
I'm young at heart~

Fish & Chips + Ice Cream~

On with the guided tour.. It was super hot that day!


The owner had 11 Great Danes and 1 nice villa~ It feels so relaxing there..

Okie~ That's about all for the farm visit.
Wanted to upload more photos but something was wrong with my blogger, so uploaded on facebook. Feel free to look over there~ XDD

This post is pretty short, shall just let the pictures do the talking... It's as they say, 'A picture speaks a thousand words.' So I think I've uploaded a pretty long post. Didn't I? XDDD
More updates next time on what I did after the farm visits~ Heex. Till then~

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