Thursday, September 3, 2009

Should I or should I not?

Maybe I'm just paranoid. Or its the time of the month where I'll be feeling snappy and temperant and down. I just wish I could get rid of this thing I'm feeling now. Assurance.

At workplace, was not feeling very talkative and was tired, partly cause of my sore throat. So guess, I gave off some aura or some 'dao' feeling to the new temp staff who just came. Oh well, when I'm not in my usual socialising mood, sometimes I will just come off like that. Their looks and stares towards me told me that I wasn't exactly very friendly. Guessing it might be my attitude towards the food and my words.

Don't really bother~ Still have lots of lunch together.Now currently typing in Notepad then transferring over to the blog later. Got tired of listening to my psp, so switched with Dawn for her itouch. She's also another temp staff, but we can crap a little together. hahas. And I'm so tempted to get an itouch with my work money. Was playing with Xiang's itouch yesterday at coffee bean and its fun and interesting. Will be able to keep me entertain for quite some time. And don't have to think too much. =PAnd now exploring the functions of Dawn's itouch. The music side. So interesting. Argh~ I'm tempted. Using the itouch makes me want to get 1. Though iphone sounds good too. Mainly, I want a device that allows me to access internet when I'm outside too. I shall think over it.

Note to self: Look up Jordin Sparks. I quite like her songs. Found them in Dawn's playlist.

At work, they calling me superwoman now. -.- Cause of my speed in data entry with the usage of the number keypad. I can type fast without looking at the screen or keypad. Oh well, they thought I went to train in that skill. -.- Maybe it will look nice in my resume next time. hahas! But they are funny and great when you get to know some of them. There's a few that I haven't seen since they are either on leave or on reservice. Will get to know them next week.Travelling to work is still quite okay, not boring as I've been watching the Hannah Montana series on my psp. Hahas~ Trixy passed the cds over. Including The suite life and also Sonny with a chance. Woots. Going to pass them back to her once I finished burning it out. heex

Later going to meet Joy to go to some place for discussion for the youth. Sigh~ Hopefully it will be ok.

Don't think will be joining my secondary class peeps for the class gathering on sunday. Its far and kinda of lazy. Just want to nua at home and stone. Or my parents will grumble that I'm going out too often on sunday. =P I can't wait to go for Seiransai~ Yoshh!

Nothing much~ Shall edit if there's more I want to write about. Now just thinking about the paranoid feeling and the itouch thingy~ Hrmm.....

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