Friday, September 25, 2009

A sigh of....

Currently on the mrt back to woodlands. And it's Friday today too. Was supposed to go out today but due to some unforeseen circumstances, have to hang around woodlands instead. Kinda of feeling down now. Was looking forward but can't be helped. Work has to be done. I'm predicting that there will be more of this next time... I guess?
But at least we'll still get to see each other. :)

On the bright side, work is getting much more bearable and better with much thanks to Emily & Dawn. They are 2 crazy girls who don't look like their age. Hahaha! This week was pretty slack and managed to do some online shopping too. The 3 of us together with Yan Min were sharing intelligence on the different sites we frequent. Yan Min is super duper good in this area. Lol!

For me, I did my retail therapy yesterday with Dawn for a while, didn't mean to but was too tempted. I bought a pair of heels and a dress. Saw so many heels I wanted at Haji Lane but can't get it. But I'm contented with my 'rewards' from there. There's really lots of interesting shops there. I feel so suaku because all the while I thought Haji Lane was an ulu ulu place. Hahas.. and that's not the end of my therapy, since I emo-ed for so long, I had to do longer retail therapy. Heex, which I did online after I got home. Can't wait for it to arrive! Yea yea shopping~

Oh yea, finally able to get to have dinner with my parents again.. Heex. kfc~ It felt super long since I had dinner as I usually reach home after work around 8, which is after their dinner. But work ended early yesterday, so yay! Family dinner.

Okiee~ Nothing much for now. Dance practice going to start again tomorrow. My body felt so stiff when I was doing a simple stretch. Need to exercise more! I must keep telling myself that. Heex. Oh yea! Can't wait to meet Kim next tuesday, it's been sooooo long since we met. The last time was in May I think. Ok.. Later~ Time passes fast, it's already yishun.

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