Monday, September 21, 2009

iTouch You!

Blogging on my new iTouch now. I got it using my 1st payout and I'm enjoying it. XDDD I got to go remember my password and account name for Wireless@SG so I'll be able to get wifi easily. Heex.. Just came back from Jia Hui 21st birthday chalet.. Tired~ didn't exactly sleep at all cause we were talking and also crapping the whole night. I feel much much better now. After that, went for breakfast and returned to Xiang's house to take a nap and going shopping and walk walk later. Happy~! Suddenly felt so many people turning 21 nowadays or are already 21. Both close friends and work. Hmmm.. Time passes fast? On Saturday, it was Yvonne's 21st birthday celebration too. It was great too! Got to meet up with other people. Heex.. Didn't exactly take lots of photos but there were others who took lots of photos..

Oh yar.. Need to find clothes for my iTouch too. Most of the shops only contain some designs for iTouch and lots of designs for iPhone. iPhone is taking over the world! Ok! Time to prepare to go out. Later!

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