Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hair & Nails

Current mood not feeling that good but still, wanted to blog a little here and there before the things I want to blog about gets forgotten and dusty. Hahas.

Sunday was a stay-home day for me. Long time since I spent time with my parents and had dinner with them. Looooong time. Was feeling bit unwell that day but after I was feeling better, I went to CWP to get a few daily necessities and also some nail stuff. Since I had a day at home doing nothing much, might as well experiment my nails a little while watching dramas~ And since I got a room to myself temporary, why not? (Yea, I hijacked my bro's room while he's in Australia. XDD)

I played a little with 3D nail art stickers. 1st time trial so kinda of fail here and there. But still, pretty happy with my results. Though I finished my bottle of pink nail polish. It was the mini version from Ettusais so... oh well. I shall go buy some others when I have the time. Since now is the holidays, plently of time to play with lots of things that I want to. XDDD

Here's some pictures of the end product. LOL..Butterflies and flowers~

Plently of things in mind that I still want to buy but shall wait and see.

Work these days seemed more tiring, especially in the morning. Time passes by faster in the noon. Must be all the chatting and crapping that helps it seems faster. Currently, the desktop monitor I'm using is a 'CRT', those big fat desktops without the lcd screen kind. Its so fat that there wasn't any space left to put my keyboard on the desk. But we made a few adjustments so yea, the keyboard is back. The whole setting up and moving was hilarious. We almost died of laughing. Whahahaha. Reason why I'm using the fat monitor is due to the lack of computers in the company. Sad case. But its better now that we can talk more, between me, Emily and Dawn. Hahas.. Though there are some people I don't quite like but oh well, able to become acquaintances at least. =)

Today was a not so good day for me. Was upset over some stuff. Which might seems insignificant but then again, I think I'm thinking too much and getting paranoid and digging up old stuff.. again. Yeaps, that's me. Think think think too much. Argh~ Kinda of affected my mood the whole day but got cheered up a little by Emily and Dawn. LOL..
After that, decided to go cut my hair at CWP since it was along the way and near. Hahas. Kinda of short now. Not sure if I will regret the length since it took me quite some time to grow it till my previous length but well, its past shoulder length at least. It was shorter than what I told the hairdresser. As usual. My hair always become shorter than what I expect. Think I'm going to let it grow longer again. Hopefully after the hair settles, it will look nice. *crosses fingers*

Here's some pictures~
All natural~

After a little spray and stuff..

Kinda of miss my old long hair.. But on the bright side, I can feel the cool breeze.
though I still want my long hair back...

All for now~ Cya!

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