Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wheee whooo~

Excited!! Kinda of late now but will upload and transfer the photos into my laptop tomorrow. Currently doing a mini-revamp for my laptop as I got a new addition to my gadgets soon. iTouch! Yeaps! I've finally decided to get it using my 1st pay. XDDD Xiang will also be getting a new one except he will be getting the 3rd gen iTouch once its out and approved in Singapore. Getting it together with him. I'll be getting the 2nd gen iTouch though. Whahahaha!! Happy!! Can't wait for it to be out. Please be out in Singapore soon!! Woots! I can't wait for my next retail therapy session. I have a feeling its gonna be good~~~ XDDD

I believe I will have a good weekend this week! *happy* XDDDD

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