Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Retail Therapy!

Yeaps yeaps yeaps!! My mind is full of my retail therapy session on friday with Xiang. Hahas. Suddenly felt excited and can't stop thinking about it. Friday! Please come quick. I can't wait for Thursday to be over now. Whahahahaha!!

I have a list of things that I WANT to buy but then again. $$ Got to check my wallet to see which are the more important things that I want to buy. Hahas~ Its kinda of a loooong time since I really went retail therapy. My last session was before my exam. That's soooo long ago. I behaved myself. =P

Shall blog more tomorrow when I finally upload the pictures from my handphone when I get back home. Tomorrow it will just be work and home~

Oh, and I'm contemplating if I should get an iTouch with my 1st payout next week. Hrmmm... Its tempting. Argh!

Okies, sleep time. XDDD Feeling quite hyped up today. Its a great day! Shall blog about it tomorrow. Heex.

Retail therapy is gooooood!!~

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